5 Christmas Group Activities for Music Therapy

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5 Christmas Group Activities for Music Therapy

Music is one of the best ways to get people in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re hosting a party or taking a family vacation, musical activities can bring everyone together in celebration of this special time.

For example, Trinity Rep’s live performance of A Christmas Carol in Providence is an ideal way to get the community singing along and having a good time. This event is especially suitable for tweens and teens who want to demonstrate their singing talents, but it also works well for older adults or those with sensory issues.

Music in the therapy room can be an invaluable tool for helping clients develop and refine their speech and language skills. Not only that, but music also provides clients with a fun way to spend time together and create memories.

Songs are an effective tool to grab clients’ attention and encourage them to focus on a particular task. This can be accomplished using various instruments such as pianos, xylophones, glockenspiels, desk/handbells, boomwhackers and tone chimes.

This group activity is an effective way to practice listening skills and follow directions while working on the melody line of a song. Additionally, it can be an enjoyable opportunity to incorporate expressive language by incorporating themes into the music.

Group instrument activities are an excellent way to engage the whole group in an intervention and introduce new clients to instruments. Depending on the age of your clients, they may already have some familiar instruments at home that you could utilize for this activity.

Another way to incorporate instruments into an intervention is by creating a short film or video with various objects and instruments included. For this type of intervention, adding instruments can be as straightforward as asking the client to play one object or creating movement for each object that corresponds with its lyrics.

These interventions are suitable for groups of all abilities and can easily be adapted for virtual meetings. You can utilize whiteboard tools on Zoom or screen-share documents when collecting responses from the group.

This activity is ideal for teenagers who are working on understanding and expressing emotions. Each teen takes a paper with a word associated with an emotion, then passes the cup among them when the music stops. Once they pick a chit that matches their emotion, they must act it out without saying anything.

The therapist can provide accompaniment on guitar/piano while their client expresses their emotion, and they can improvise words based on what’s happening in the moment to Rudolph’s song. This group activity helps teens express their emotions positively and teach them how to enact those feelings in front of others.

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