5 Christmas Music Therapy Interventions

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5 Christmas Music Therapy Interventions

Music can be an incredibly effective tool for relieving stress and amplifying positive feelings. It has the power to reduce insomnia, restore lost speech, reduce pain, refuel our energy reserves – even improving the outcomes of invasive procedures like dental surgery or cancer treatments!

Christmas is a season filled with music. The songs played during this festive time often reflect cultural narratives about joy, love and giving. But as the saying goes: “Christmas isn’t just an excuse to get together and spend money.”

Christmas is also a time for us to renew our faith in God and remember His birth with family. Unfortunately, the culture’s narrative of Christmas often revolves around romance and snow – yet unless we teach our kids that the point of Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birth, it could easily turn into an occasion to indulge materialism instead of remembering Christ’s true significance.

Those who struggle with anxiety or stress during the Christmas season may find it challenging to cope with the emotional responses music can elicit in our minds and bodies. Yet music can actually be an effective tool for helping us reframe our negative reactions to this season of giving and focus on its positive aspects.

When it comes to finding what type of music best soothes you, the first step is listening and identifying your preferred style. For instance, you might prefer more mellow and slower music like classical or jazz that provide a soothing experience for the ears.

To prepare for the Christmas season, create an audio playlist of relaxing music to listen to daily. This could include listening to specific calming songs or playing instrumental pieces that are slow and serene in order to relax both body and mind.

Singing with family and friends is an enjoyable way to enjoy Christmas music together. Studies have demonstrated that singing in a group setting can strengthen bonds, reduce stress, and promote health benefits. So why not sing along this festive season?

For musicians or those just beginning to learn an instrument, music has a powerful effect on our brains and bodies. No matter if it’s a simple scale or basic exercises – or something improvised – spending a few minutes every day practicing music can have an uplifting effect on mental health and wellbeing.

Discovering music as an integral part of your life can be done by learning how to play an instrument. Whether you aspire to become a professional pianist, singer or guitarist, taking music lessons will provide you with direction and boost your self-assurance levels.

If meditation is part of your mental health routine, adding music to it can be an excellent way to bring meditation into everyday life. Instruments like pianos, guitars and violins offer soothing sounds that help you unwind and focus as you practice mindfulness.

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- Welcome, SoundTherapy.com lowers anxiety 86%, pain 77%, and boosts memory 11-29%. Click on the brain to sign up or share with buttons below to help others: