A Balanced You Holistic Massage Therapy

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A Balanced You Holistic Massage Therapy

Balanced You Holistic Massage Therapy is tailored to each client’s individual needs, taking a multifaceted approach to improving their wellbeing. This is achieved through the integration of traditional massage techniques with energy work such as Reiki or Polarity Therapies, plus deep relaxation techniques for chronic muscle tension.

Holistic massage takes the view that health is an integral part of everyone’s life, rather than simply symptoms to be fixed or removed. This perspective offers us a fresh approach to problems and provides powerful tools for those searching for relief and healing from physical, mental or emotional struggles.

Reducing stress, which is one of the primary causes of disease in Western society (refs 3,4,5), is an essential element of holistic massage therapy. It also facilitates the switch between sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems, giving both body and mind valuable recuperation time.

Physically, yoga has numerous benefits such as relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation and stimulating nerve function and joint mobility; all of which can help alleviate short and long term ailments like back pain or arthritis. Furthermore, it has the potential to improve sleep patterns and strengthen the immune system.

Emotionally, the soothing touch of a massage can calm our minds, reduce stress and boost self-esteem. It releases our bodies’ personal histories stored within tissues – an effective catalyst for change that is integral to each person’s growth process.

At a deeper level still, holistic massage can release negative patterns of behavior and reactions which may be hindering us from reaching our potential. It helps restore harmony and balance within us, bringing about an energetic shift so we are able to reach out and touch others more easily.

A skilled holistic massage therapist will have a profound comprehension of both physical and emotional factors that influence a client’s response to massage. This allows them to move beyond theoretical knowledge about anatomy, physiology and pathology into the practical application of each client’s conditions.

In addition to offering a tranquil massage, this session includes consultation about the client’s goals. This allows the therapist to tailor the treatment according to each individual’s individual needs and utilize holistic healing principles – an effective healing resource.

There is a growing understanding that our bodies are mirrors of our minds, and emotions can impact both physical and psychological states. This explains why massage has become such an effective treatment for pain and is now becoming integrated into many health care programmes.

This approach can be especially beneficial for cancer patients, helping reduce anxiety and depression that often accompany treatment. Additionally, it has proven beneficial in cases of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and autoimmune disorders.

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