Achieve Right Ear Dominance With Sound Therapy

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Achieve Right Ear Dominance With Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is an ancient healing modality that utilizes various instruments to stimulate the body’s energy centers and reduce stress and tension. It often works in combination with reiki or other energy healing modalities, but it has its own benefits as well.

Listening to music well is a skill that can be acquired and improved. This ability, known as auditory integration, plays an essential role in speech perception and linguistic development; those who struggle with this skill may benefit from audiotherapy treatments.

Auditory integration training is an effective treatment for hearing problems and speech disorders, in which you listen to sounds through headphones modified to target specific areas of your ear that need strengthening.

In the 1950s, French ear specialist Alfred Tomatis developed an electronic device he called an “electronic ear.” This stimulation and training method enabled people to hear better.

Tomatis discovered that applying this technique helped people hone their communication skills and boost their overall wellbeing. He was able to treat conditions from learning disabilities to behavioral issues in both children and adults alike.

He believed that developing listening skills could reinvigorate the brain, as well as aid with posture and coordination. His sounds ranged from low to high decibel levels and were accompanied by instructions for achieving desired outcomes.

Studies have demonstrated that listening to music can enhance one’s hearing, even for those with hearing loss or tinnitus. It also improves attention, concentration, and memory.

Music therapy may also aid those experiencing pain or difficulty sleeping. One study discovered that patients with fibromyalgia were able to sleep better and felt better after listening to music.

Sound therapy has many other beneficial effects, such as lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and stimulating the glandular system. In a session, practitioners may use bells, chimes, singing bowls or gongs to produce various sounds and frequencies.

Sonic therapy, according to spiritual advisor Danielle Kitzes, can help you feel grounded and at ease. It may also aid in healing past traumas by releasing the energy of anger or fear.

Sound therapy and meditation often combine to promote a deep state of relaxation, which can be especially helpful for those recovering from surgery or suffering from PTSD. According to the American Psychological Association, sound therapy may also relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and alleviate depression.

Snoezelen is a cutting-edge form of sound therapy that utilizes multiple devices to stimulate all senses, including hearing. Studies have demonstrated that it can be particularly helpful for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia as it increases awareness of one’s environment, according to researchers.

Snoezelen therapy utilizes customized sounds of instruments to each individual, making each session truly one-of-a kind and personalized. You lie on a bed or chair while the sounds are directed into your body for an energizing experience.

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- Welcome, SoundTherapy.com lowers anxiety 86%, pain 77%, and boosts memory 11-29%. Click on the brain to sign up or share with buttons below to help others: