Acoustic Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

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Acoustic Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Sound wave therapy has provided a breakthrough solution to men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). This drug-free, non-invasive treatment reduces plaque in the penis and increases blood flow to the area, leading to stronger, longer lasting erections.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can have a major effect on your sexual health and lifestyle, interfering with your ability to perform in bed or satisfy your partner. Furthermore, ED may cause mood shifts and mental health issues.

Many men struggle with erectile dysfunction, and if not addressed promptly can cause major disruption to daily activities like work, school and social interactions. Unfortunately, the condition often worsens with age which may impact confidence levels and relationships with friends and family.

The physiological issues causing erectile dysfunction (ED) are caused by poor blood flow in the penis, restricting testosterone production. This can happen due to various reasons such as plaque buildup or Peyronie’s disease – an autoimmune disorder which creates scar tissue around erections for painful experiences.

Acoustic wave therapy is a non-invasive, safe treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction and other common sexual conditions. Studies have demonstrated it to be twice as effective as Viagra and other oral ED medications without the adverse reactions.

At least 80% of men who receive Acoustic Wave Treatment experience an improvement in their erectile function within three weeks and can stop taking ED drugs after treatment. Most patients report lasting effects from Acoustic Wave Therapy up to two years after starting, depending on lifestyle choices.

Acoustic Wave Therapy’s pulsed waves break apart micro-plaques in the penis, stimulate new blood vessel growth and increase circulation to it. Furthermore, these waves promote a healing response by “waking up” dormant stem cells and growth factors within it – leading to new blood vessel formation as well as rejuvenation of erectile tissue.

Fibrous scar tissue that accumulates under the skin of the penis often leads to a curvature, making intimacy difficult and painful. This condition has been reported in 5-10% of men; Acoustic Wave Therapy can break down this scar tissue, reduce its curvature, and improve erections.

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Sexual function decline can affect any man, regardless of age. It’s frustrating and embarrassing not being able to achieve an erection or perform during sexual activity. With Optima’s advanced treatments for ED, you can regain your sexual drive and recover your sensuality.

At Optima Medical Spa, we offer sound wave therapy as an alternative to medication for erectile dysfunction. Our doctors are highly experienced with this technique and can help you improve your sexual life without the use of drugs.

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