Adaptive Sound Technologies AM1002 Sound+Sleep – Sleep Therapy Machine

Adaptive Sound Technologies AM1002 Sound+Sleep – Sleep Therapy Machine

Unlike traditional white noise machines that loop audio, adaptive sound technology creates relaxing soundscapes on-the-spot, eliminating repetitive sounds for real world natural experiences. Their patented Adaptive Sound(r) technology enables them to intelligently listen to their environment and automatically raise their volume when necessary to mask unwanted noises – all while keeping you comfortably in bed.

This machine provides 10 high quality, non-looping nature and mechanical sleep sounds that can be adjusted individually in level. These sounds include waterfall, ocean, brook, rain, train, meditation and white noise for added peace of mind.

This timer also includes a sleep timer, so you can set it to play continuously until the machine is turned off manually or use one of five automatic off settings: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. This makes it perfect if you need some time before falling asleep but want the sleep sounds gradually fade out over time.

The adaptive sound feature in your room uses an inbuilt microphone to assess the level of ambient noise in your room and adjust volume and richness accordingly. When other sounds quieten down in your environment, this function becomes especially helpful for people who have noisy neighbors, traffic noises or other disturbances that might interrupt sleep patterns.

Ten professional-recorded sounds are available for you to select from: city, rainfall, brook, ocean, meadow, white noise and train. Each can be tailored according to your preferences with two additional ‘richness’ levels for added depth and impact.

You can select from a range of ambiances such as rain, ocean, twilight and night sky. All these sounds have been recorded in high definition so that you can pick the one that best fits your sleep style.

This device is designed for portability and storage, making it perfect for vacation or longer trips. It’s small enough to fit in even the smallest travel bags and uses a rechargeable battery that provides up to 16 hours of use.

It has an integrated Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to music while enjoying sleep sounds. Furthermore, its wireless inductive phone charger allows for convenient phone charging while you’re sleeping.

Another excellent option for sleeping is the AuCuTee Q1. It features 10 high-quality, non-looping nature and sleep sounds that are individually adjustable in level; plus, you can mix them together to create your own personalized sound experience.

The AuCuTee Q1 sound machine is an excellent option for those seeking more powerful audio, and it also makes a great travel companion with its built-in wireless inductive phone charger that charges your device while you sleep. Plus, its sleep timer helps create a calming atmosphere and promotes deeper sleep cycles.

If you’re searching for an inexpensive solution to improve your sleep and reduce stress, the Sound Oasis is an ideal choice. It offers a wide selection of noises at a competitive price point. Plus, its colors come in various shades so that it can easily match with any bedroom decor.

- Try our sound therapy to lower anxiety 86%, lower insomnia or pain 77%, lower tinnitus 78%, help memory 11-29%, and more (all are averages). It is free to try and share. Repost this information to help others on other networks with the buttons below:
SoundTherapy - listen for an average of 77% less anxiety, insomnia, and pain.