Alternate Careers For Physical Therapy Assistants

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Alternate Careers For Physical Therapy Assistants

Alternate careers for physical therapy assistants offer many opportunities to those looking to make a change from traditional clinical practice. These professions allow you to apply your skills and knowledge in different ways without sacrificing job security or benefits.

If you enjoy working with students, teaching at a university or community college could be the perfect opportunity for you to keep your PT knowledge up-to-date and contribute to the next generation of clinicians. This type of work provides ample opportunity for professional growth and development within the profession.

Are you seeking a way to maintain the status quo as a physical therapist, consider becoming a teletherapy provider. You can work for an existing company or launch your own teletherapy business and be paid like staff therapists without worrying about billing or patient acquisition. Teletherapy provides great opportunity to utilize all of your PT skills without needing extra money invested into overhead.

Utilizing your healthcare expertise to write articles and blogs for companies can be a great way to stay busy while keeping your PT career moving forward. There are plenty of medical websites that need help with blog posts, so this could be an enjoyable and fulfilling option for those who enjoy writing.

A popular career choice for physical therapists is sales rep, particularly with products that aid rehabilitation. This may involve demonstrating the product to different facilities and teaching them how to use it efficiently.

Physical Therapists who are passionate about the science behind physical therapy can become researchers and contribute to improving the field by researching concussions, strokes, spinal cord injuries and more. These jobs typically require a graduate degree or doctorate and offer an opportunity for those in medicine while helping others at the same time.

With technology continuing to advance, physical therapists with their specialized knowledge of physical therapy can join the rapidly expanding field of tech startups and entrepreneurs. These roles are ideal for those with doctorates who have worked in research or clinical settings and wish to take their career away from traditional PT careers.

For physical therapists who would rather not travel, providing long-term care to patients in their homes is another viable career option. This could include working in a nursing home or rehab center where patients require extended medical attention due to serious injury, illness or surgery.

Physical Therapists who provide end-of-life care to terminally ill individuals can be an ideal fit for this career path. As these patients enter their final days, PTs can play a vital role in managing pain and symptoms while offering comforting support.

In the United States, physical therapists (PTs) can expect a comfortable salary with great benefits and an array of work settings to choose from. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, their career prospects look promising through 2024 with an above-average growth rate projected.

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