Alternative Breast Cancer Therapy

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Alternative Breast Cancer Therapy

Breast cancer treatment options range from invasive to non-invasive. Some therapies use drugs or rays that target specific areas on your body in an effort to destroy or shrink cancer cells.

Many women living with cancer turn to alternative medicine to help them manage their illness and heal. This may include acupuncture, herbal supplements, and yoga which may alleviate some symptoms related to cancer such as hot flashes or nausea.

Standard medical therapies, also referred to as conventional treatments, include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These measures work by cutting off your tumor’s blood supply or blocking it from receiving hormones that promote its growth and spread.

The efficacy of these therapies varies based on the type of breast cancer, its extent of spread and other factors. For instance, if you have hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, chemotherapy can be used to eliminate cancer cells and stop their growth.

Other treatments for cancer include immunotherapy, which utilizes your immune system to fight off the cancer. This could be an ideal option for some patients if other treatments have proven unsuccessful or they haven’t responded to conventional ones.

Another alternative treatment option is insulin potentiation therapy (IPT). This chemotherapy targets cancer cells instead of healthy ones in your body, and has been found to be far more successful at shrinking and eliminating cancer cells than conventional therapies without the toxic side effects that regular chemotherapy does.

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) is one of the most promising new forms of chemotherapy. The concept behind IPRT is that cancer cells are always hungry for sugar – in other words, they crave it. So by feeding these cells a small amount of insulin, we trick them into believing there already exists sugar within their body and they open up to receiving it. We then administer a reduced dosage of chemotherapy at around 10% of their usual level.

When contemplating any form of alternative medicine, it’s essential to speak with your physician first. They can determine if it’s safe for you to try it and what treatment option best fits your individual needs.

Mind-body treatments like meditation, journaling, guided imagery and support groups can be especially beneficial to those living with cancer. Not only do they help you relax and feel less alone in the process but they also promote a positive mental attitude.

Nutritional supplements are another popular alternative cancer treatment option. Unfortunately, their safety and effectiveness have yet to be proven; they may help alleviate symptoms like fatigue or vomiting from cancer treatment but could potentially have serious side effects which should always be discussed with your doctor before trying them.

Other therapies, such as ozone therapy, can reinvigorate your body and cells that fight cancer. This increases chemotherapy effectiveness and is especially useful if you have a HER2 negative tumor.

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