Alternative Careers to Occupational Therapy

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Alternative Careers to Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a specialized field that assists people of all ages and abilities in improving their quality of life by regaining or developing skills in daily tasks. This could include teaching children to dress themselves independently, adults managing hectic schedules, and seniors taking advantage of social interaction while still maintaining independence.

Are you a recent OT graduate or experienced professional who feels overwhelmed by clinical responsibilities? Consider exploring non-clinical careers that allow you to utilize your experience and skills in another capacity. There are many alternatives to occupational therapy, from teletherapy and utilization review to creating videos teaching PT or SLP rehab techniques.

Are you passionate about cutting waste from healthcare and want to make a positive impact, consider becoming a utilization reviewer. This important role helps find balance between limiting unnecessary visits for patients who aren’t making therapeutic progress and awarding medically necessary visits to those clients who have the greatest chance for progress.

If you enjoy interacting with people and possess excellent research abilities, health writing may be the ideal career for you. You could create articles for journals or news outlets, or even write for websites promoting healthcare products and services.

You can create and distribute informational videos for your clients, as well as market a range of clinics or products. The field is rapidly developing, so there is an urgent need for educators who possess the necessary expertise to impart knowledge.

OTAs work with clients of all ages to teach them new ways to live with visual impairments. They assist individuals adjust physically due to changes such as loss of sight or blind spots, and also find solutions for cognitive problems associated with visual impairments like memory issues.

Low vision specialists specialize in treating patients with glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. As America’s life expectancy increases and more people require their services, this field is growing rapidly.

OTs can assist individuals in overcoming challenges related to transportation and mobility. This may take place at various settings such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, or even at home.

Occupational therapists offer children of all ages the chance to grow, develop their abilities and confidence, as well as assist them in becoming independent in different ways. Whether it’s helping them with daily life tasks or academic assignments, occupational therapists give kids the tools necessary to succeed.

Furthermore, they can instruct their students how to apply OT therapy to various populations and disabilities. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity to pass along your expertise with future OTs while contributing to the expansion of this field.

OTs often transition into teaching or research after several years or decades in the profession. With many college programs that need occupational therapy instructors, this could be a great career option if you enjoy both teaching and researching.

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