Alternative Careers With a Physical Therapy Degree

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Alternative Careers With a Physical Therapy Degree

Physical therapists are typically seen working in clinical settings to assist patients regain mobility, but there are numerous non-clinical jobs that could benefit PTs with a physical therapy degree. These non-clinical positions offer great income potential and some even offer job security!

Sales and Marketing: Physical therapists can make a comfortable living as sales representatives for medical products or equipment. This job is ideal for those who want to work outside the clinical setting, with plenty of flexibility in setting their own hours and schedules.

Physical Therapist Recruiting: Physical therapists looking for extra income may want to consider becoming a healthcare recruiter. This career path offers the perfect chance to showcase your abilities and expertise as a therapist, plus you get to leverage existing connections with clients to find new job openings!

Teaching: If you possess an eagerness to impart your expertise, a career as a physical therapist instructor could be perfect for you. This could include courses at work or classes at universities or colleges.

Telehealth: Telehealth is an emerging field that combines traditional physical therapy with virtual technology. Physical therapists (PTs) can take advantage of this new frontier by providing services remotely, enabling them to meet patients from anywhere! They have two options: join an established telehealth PT company to take advantage of this revolutionary innovation; or launch their own telehealth company.

Pediatric Specialists: Pediatric physical therapists treat children from birth to adolescence for disorders like cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental conditions. They often collaborate with other healthcare professionals in creating treatment plans and instructing families how to do at-home rehab exercises.

Sports-Based Physical Therapists: Sports physical therapists specialize in sports injuries like concussions, ACL tears and rotator cuff tears. To help athletes recover from these injuries they employ exercises, dry needling and massaging techniques.

Women’s Health: A physical therapist specializing in women’s health can treat issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence and post-mastectomy care. They also offer prenatal and postpartum support.

Animal Therapy: As a physical therapist, you may choose to work with animals who have been injured or undergone surgery. Not only will this help them heal faster, but it can also enhance their quality of life!

Infection Control: As a physical therapist, you should be aware of the potential risks for transmitting infectious diseases to patients. This is especially pertinent if working in hospitals or clinics where such exposures may occur. To minimize such risks, always utilize infection control procedures at all times.

Student Loans: In order to pursue a physical therapy degree, you will likely need to take out a loan. However, this debt can be offset if you receive an attractive salary upon graduation and starting your career in physical therapy.

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