Alternative Occupational Therapy Jobs

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Alternative Occupational Therapy Jobs

Occupational therapy is a vast field that offers many roles and responsibilities. The most common role is working in clinical settings, where you help patients improve their daily functions such as getting dressed, cooking dinner, or driving. Other roles may require more specialized knowledge such as working with babies, children, or adults suffering from chronic health conditions or mental illness.

Are you seeking a new challenge or wanting to take your career in an entirely different direction? Non-clinical occupational therapy jobs may be the ideal fit. These positions tend to be more flexible than clinical positions, offer better pay rates, and require less of your time than traditional clinical positions.

For occupational therapists (OTs), utilization management (UR) is an ideal career option. Companies hiring UR specialists use clinical experience and education to improve patient access; you’ll need to be detail-oriented and decisive in order to succeed, but the pay can be quite lucrative as well.

For those passionate about education, working as a professor at an academic institution can be the ideal non-clinical OT job. OTs with PhD or OTD credentials can teach courses from across America with little extra effort; however, this career may require more time and energy if you enjoy tutoring others and want to help other therapists reach success.

Another non-traditional occupational therapy career is becoming a holistic therapist. This profession integrates traditional occupational therapy skills with complementary medicines like acupuncture, yoga or meditation.

OTs with an interest in physical environment might consider working in environmental assessment and hazard mitigation, which helps people eliminate hazards and boost safety at work. They can inspect homes and offices to recommend modifications that make them safer.

Entrepreneurial-minded OTs can also thrive in this space. These OTs may be practice owners, independent contractors, consultants or media specialists and enjoy having the freedom to pursue a career that suits them best.

Occupational therapists are frequently sought out to consult with military bases, particularly those that have a high rate of PTSD or physical disabilities. This can be an uplifting way to give back to your community while using your skills and experience in providing treatment to soldiers or civilians alike.

Being an occupational therapist in an aged care facility can be both rewarding and challenging. Unfortunately, the job often entails repetitive tasks, which is why some OTs wish to change careers and become consultants instead. At least that way their work will be more varied.

For many OTs, this is an ideal opportunity to use their skills and experience to help older people live more independently in their own homes. If you enjoy working with seniors or have a background in home health care, this could be a fun, fulfilling, and financially lucrative profession.

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