Alternative Payment Models That Include Occupational Therapy

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Alternative Payment Models That Include Occupational Therapy

An alternative payment model that incorporates occupational therapy can be an effective way to reward providers for the quality of their care. These models, also referred to as value-based payments, are moving away from the traditional fee-for-service system commonly used in the United States.

OT is a specialty area within healthcare that helps individuals of all ages prevent, minimize and adapt to disabilities. Occupational therapists utilize daily activities and meaningful tasks to enhance someone’s abilities while decreasing disability-related effects. They have experience working with children, adolescents and adults alike.

There are many reasons you might need occupational therapy, including traumatic injuries, surgery, brain injury or chronic (long-term) conditions like diabetes and arthritis. During treatment, the therapist helps you develop new skills and habits to make getting around easier and completing daily tasks simpler.

Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals who use occupation and meaningful activities to promote physical, emotional, cognitive and social wellbeing. They possess the necessary training to identify needs, assess strengths and weaknesses, create personalized activities for success and implement strategies for achievement.

A graduate of an accredited OT program can practice in many different settings, from the home to hospitals and outpatient facilities to schools and group homes. They work in public and private practices alike, as part of medical or rehabilitation teams as well as teachers and researchers.

In addition to the standard curriculum, OT programs also include hands-on experiences in fieldwork. During this period, students work directly with their clients and gain insight into how best to help them reach their maximum independence.

Occupational therapy education is founded on the idea that learning should be student-centered and involve them as active participants. To accomplish this, various contexts and learning activities are utilized to cultivate goal-directed, self-reflective, confident entry-level therapists.

York College graduates possess an array of knowledge and skills, such as an understanding of healthcare delivery systems, the capacity to manage multiple patients with complex needs, and a desire to make a positive impact in their communities.

Occupational therapy has a commitment to social justice, including issues such as race, class, gender identity and ethnicity, disability status, and sexual orientation. Occupational therapists serve as advocates for their clients who often live in difficult circumstances and struggle to access services that enable them to participate fully in daily living activities.

In an effort to have a greater impact on individuals and their communities, occupational therapists advocate for policy changes. This includes advocating for inclusion in social and recreational activities as well as decreasing the stigma associated with disability or illness.

OTs also specialize in mental health. This may involve promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging resilience and self-regulation, aiding those suffering from depression or other mental illnesses, as well as providing mental wellness tools that can be utilized by everyone.

CMS and the insurance industry are actively moving toward a value-based payment system, including alternative payment models that include occupational therapy. These initiatives form part of the CMS Quality Payment Program which rewards physicians for providing high-quality yet cost-effective care.

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