Alternative Therapy For Infected Root in Tooth

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Alternative Therapy For Infected Root in Tooth

An infected root in a tooth can be an excruciating dental emergency that requires immediate attention. Without treatment, an infection could cause intense discomfort, swelling and even abscesses that spread to the bone.

Treating a tooth with an infected root can be done in several ways. Your dentist typically prescribes antibiotics to eliminate bacteria and empty any pockets of pus from within the abscessed tooth or gums. In some cases, they may suggest root canal therapy in order to save the tooth from extraction.

You may wish to explore alternative therapies to relieve your infected tooth. One popular remedy is fenugreek tea; this Mediterranean herb contains antibacterial properties which may provide comfort from discomfort and swelling caused by a tooth infection.

Another remedy is a baking soda rinse, which can help reduce inflammation and swelling. Simply make a paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and water together, then swish it around in your mouth for several minutes before spitting it out.

Applying a cold compress directly onto an infected tooth can reduce pain and swelling. You can purchase an ice pack from the store or make one yourself from frozen vegetables, ice water or fruit. Alternatively, massage the infected tooth with an ice cube for additional pain relief and swelling relief.

Alternatively, you can rub essential oils (such as lavender) on your infected tooth for additional pain relief. However, be cautious not to consume large amounts of these oils because they may lead to liver damage.

Ozone gas cleansing is another root canal alternative that may be effective for treating infected pulps. This procedure disinfects the tooth by penetrating deep inside tubules drilled during the procedure, speeding up healing and recovery time significantly.

Pulp capping is an endodontic treatment used when the pulp of a tooth has been exposed due to severe tooth decay or injury. This procedure works best when there is minimal pulp opening or minimal pulp exposure.

Alternative root canal treatment may also be recommended for those whose pulps can be covered and are not infected. This is a fast and simple way to eliminate infection without needing a root canal procedure.

You may want to try using a homemade toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide to fight bacteria and heal an infected tooth. You can find natural toothpaste at health food stores or pharmacies; alternatively, you may purchase it directly from them.

Homemade ointments and creams can be an effective remedy to relieve a tooth with an infected root. Apply these creams directly onto the inflamed area of your tooth, as well as on nearby gums in order to reduce irritation caused by the infected tooth.

Additionally, dentists often prescribe oral analgesics for toothache such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. These drugs can provide temporary relief and reduce swelling, but must be prescribed by a dentist in order to avoid potential side effects.

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