Alternative Therapy For Pets in NYC

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Alternative Therapy For Pets in NYC

Many pets suffer from chronic pain, injuries, or illnesses that require a holistic approach to treatment. Fortunately, there are numerous alternative therapy options available in New York City that can help your pet heal faster, relieve their suffering, and even prevent disease or illness from occurring.

Acupuncture is one of the safest and most effective forms of alternative medicine for pets, when performed by a licensed veterinarian. It can help treat various health issues like allergies, digestive problems and respiratory conditions as well as long-term debilitating diseases like arthritis or kidney failure.

Veterinarian chiropractic (veterinary chiropractic) is an alternative therapy used to help pets with joint issues, back and neck pain, stress and more. The goal is to restore optimal movement, posture and balance back into their bodies without using drugs or surgery – making it a non-invasive alternative that helps treat and prevent chronic discomfort.

Veterinary chiropractic is a non-invasive alternative to drugs and surgery that has proven highly effective for treating both chronic and acute pain conditions. Studies have demonstrated that it reduces inflammation, swelling, and increases mobility in patients suffering from arthritic conditions such as hip dysplasia, disc disease, back injuries and more.

The Companion Therapy laser is an FDA-approved, deep penetrating light that provides pets with immediate relief from pain and promotes healing by activating endorphins. It’s an ideal alternative to NSAIDs and can be utilized as part of your pet’s postoperative rehabilitation or routine care plan.

CST is a non-invasive alternative to surgery that may be beneficial for ailments like arthritis, jaw pain, stress and more. It works like massage on the soft tissues of the head, spine, legs and arms by massaging in certain places.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT, also known as HBOT, has become more commonplace in veterinary medicine over the last decade. This therapy increases oxygen to tissue which promotes faster healing and recovery times from ailments like infection, lyme disease, liver inflammation, and kidney failure.

Homotoxicology is an alternative medical therapy that takes a more holistic approach to your pet’s wellbeing, detoxifying the body and helping to restore deficient immune processes. It has been used successfully in treating conditions ranging from cancer and chronic inflammation to arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

Veterinary herbal medicine is an alternative complementary medicine option that draws upon both traditional Chinese and Western herbs, supplements to help your pet address various medical conditions. Whether your pup requires anti-inflammatories, digestive aids or pain relievers, you’re sure to find a veterinary herbalist who has extensive expertise in this area.

Tui na is an alternative medical practice often used to reduce pain and inflammation in animals. This technique combines manipulation of acupuncture points with massage, making it suitable for a range of conditions including anxiety, ear infections and more.

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