Alternative Therapy For Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Alternative Therapy For Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome is a severe form of child abuse that can result in permanent disability or even death. It occurs when parents or caregivers shake a baby out of frustration or anger over their uncontrollable crying.

Babies are especially vulnerable to Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), as their head weighs only 10% of their body weight and their neck muscles haven’t fully developed. This leaves them unable to tense up in anticipation of sudden force; when shaken, their brain bounces back and forth inside their skull, leading to bleeding inside it.

Your doctor may observe signs of shaking on your baby’s eyes or other parts of their body. Additionally, they will check for bruises or marks on the neck.

Your baby may require X-rays, CT or MRI scans to assess the extent of brain and eye damage. During an MRI, contrast liquid can be used to better visualize swelling and bleeding around the brain and eyes.

Avoid taking anything metal into the MRI room as this could make it more challenging for the healthcare provider to detect bleeding in your baby’s head.

Shaking a baby or someone else’s is an offense and should never be done. If you find yourself the victim of this crime, contact the authorities right away and seek medical assistance for your baby.

The most common treatment for shaken baby syndrome is giving your infant medicine to reduce swelling in their brain and prevent seizures. They may also require breathing support or surgery to stop any bleeding within their brain.

If your baby’s condition is more critical, they may require a ventilator or other equipment to help them breathe on their own. They could also need to be admitted to an intensive care unit or hospital.

Diagnosing shaken baby syndrome can be challenging because babies cannot explain what happened or how their injuries feel. That is why it is necessary for a team of experts to check them over for this condition.

Shaken baby syndrome symptoms include irritability, failure to thrive, vomiting, lethargy and dilated pupils (soft spots on the back of the eye). These signs are similar to those experienced with other health conditions.

Your healthcare provider will perform a series of tests to diagnose shaken baby syndrome. These include an eye exam, blood test and skeletal survey to assess the extent of any fractures on the baby.

Tests can detect any prior fractures or injuries to your baby’s arms, legs, ribs and spine. They also detect other medical problems that may mimic the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.

Shaken baby syndrome may result in cerebral palsy or other brain injuries that cause physical disabilities. These disabilities can reduce your child’s quality of life and impact their development and education.

Discover more about shaken baby syndrome and how to prevent it on the National Child Abuse Prevention website. Here, they provide factsheets and public awareness campaign materials that aim to educate communities about avoiding this condition.

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