Alternative to Physical Therapy Career

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Alternative to Physical Therapy Career

Physical therapists assist people in recovering from injuries or diseases through physical therapy exercises and other treatment methods. Additionally, they strive to prevent disease through exercise and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

If you possess a passion for helping others and relish the challenge of helping patients overcome their struggles, a career in physical therapy could be perfect for you. You have the option to work within hospitals or clinics, from home, or start your own private practice.

Are you considering becoming a physical therapist but unsure if the long-term commitment of school and debt is worth it, you may be wondering what else you can do with a degree in this field. Fortunately, there are many career options that allow you to utilize your skills and experience without going into clinical settings.

Are you passionate about helping others and love being on the go, telehealth is an ideal way to apply your physical therapy education while enjoying the freedom of working remotely. This gives you the chance to keep honing your skillset while staying mobile – saving time from having to find patients and billing them for services.

Physical therapists possess a wealth of clinical and technical expertise that can make them successful personal trainers. This is especially true if you’ve worked in an specialized area like orthopedics or pediatrics.

Are you an excellent communicator and have the drive to develop new products, then sales may be your calling. You could market existing items to physical therapists or create custom solutions tailored specifically for them.

Are you tech-savvy and interested in working with physical therapy patients to develop products or programs. Utilizing your knowledge of what works and what needs improvement, this can be a rewarding career that offers plenty of rewards for those who love working with a diverse patient base and enjoy helping others overcome their difficulties.

Temporary physical therapy jobs can be ideal for those who enjoy traveling and would like to take advantage of temporary assignments that allow them to focus on their interests or contribute to social causes they care about. Furthermore, these positions often offer higher pay than permanent therapist positions.

Traveling therapists tend to earn more than their static counterparts and enjoy the freedom to take vacations as needed, focus on a particular cause or simply being a traveling therapist whenever they feel inspired.

Other opportunities for telehealth careers include joining an established company that provides this service or starting your own telehealth physical therapy business. In either case, you can utilize your degree and telehealth skills while having the support of an established organization without worrying about patient acquisition or billing.

For further exploration of these and other career options, you can read our guide to becoming a physical therapist. We’ll assist in making the best choice for you and your family.

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