Alternative to Physical Therapy

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Alternative to Physical Therapy

Physical therapists often provide pain relief that is safer and more effective than prescription drugs. This is especially beneficial for those who have suffered a severe injury such as a car accident that has left them with chronic discomfort. Furthermore, surgery patients may benefit from physical therapy by reducing or eliminating their dependence on pain medication and its potential side effects.

Physical therapists work with patients of all ages to increase mobility and flexibility. To treat the entire body, they employ a range of methods including exercise and manual therapy techniques. Physical therapists may be found in hospitals, private practices, nursing homes, schools or rehabilitation facilities.

Physical therapists sometimes provide telehealth services, enabling them to work with patients living in remote locations. PTs see the patient virtually using Skype or other video conferencing technology at a lower cost than in-person visits.

Physical therapists (PTs) provide a range of treatments for conditions like arthritis, muscle strains and sports injuries such as joint and tendinitis. They may use heat application, electrical stimulation or traction to relieve pain and enhance function.

Finding the ideal physical therapist for yourself or a loved one is essential. They will assess your individual needs, determine which treatment plan works best with your condition, and teach you exercises to do at home to further improve your wellbeing.

Physical therapy encompasses a range of specialties, such as orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary, geriatric, women’s health and pediatric. These therapies address a wide variety of conditions and are usually performed by highly-trained professionals with advanced degrees in the field.

Orthopedic physical therapy is used for musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck injuries, shoulder, knee and elbow pain, rotator cuff tear, sprains and stiffness. The physical therapists offer treatment through heat application, electrical stimulation, traction and massage techniques.

Neurological physical therapy is designed to restore or regain the ability for movement and functioning as normally as possible. The therapists focus on improving visual, balance, mobility and muscle loss impairments so the patient can maintain independent functioning for as long as possible.

Cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy is used to help people recover their ability to function as normally as possible after suffering heart attacks, strokes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Through physical therapy, therapists aim to increase endurance levels and enhance functional independence.

Women’s health physical therapy is an effective treatment for many conditions and often provided by highly-trained professionals with advanced degrees in women’s health. Through physical therapy, therapists aim to restore or reestablish women’s physical capacity for living a full life.

If you have a passion for helping others, physical therapy is an occupation worth exploring. With the proper training and experience, you can find a job that matches your personality, interests and abilities. Whether it’s orthopedics or geriatrics that interests you most, being a physical therapist can be both rewarding and fulfilling.

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