Alternative Treatments For Small Bowel Cancer

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Alternative Treatments For Small Bowel Cancer

Small bowel cancer is a type of gastrointestinal cancer that typically begins in the duodenum but can spread to other parts of the bowel such as jejunum or ileum. There are various types of small bowel cancer, including adenocarcinomas, carcinoid tumours, lymphomas and sarcomas (tumours of tissue lining the small intestine).

Treatment options for colon cancer depend on its location and whether surgical resection is possible. If the cancer has spread too far for a surgical resection, chemotherapy or radiation therapy may be required instead.

Surgery resection is an effective treatment for early stage cancer. It aims to remove as much of the cancer as possible while decreasing its chances of recurrence or spread. It may be combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy as well.

If the cancer has spread to your rectum, then a low anterior resection may be necessary. This involves excising all or part of the rectum and connecting it to healthy bowel in your abdominal cavity (where you swallow). Your doctor will decide if this is best for you; the procedure can either be performed through keyhole surgery or an open one.

Sometimes you may require a temporary colostomy, or bag, to prevent stool from passing across the new connection. This can usually be removed after several months and will allow you to recover from surgery and be ready for further treatments.

Your surgeon can inform you of all available treatment options, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. You may receive medications to manage side effects from surgery and problems common to bowel cancer such as iron tablets and changes to your diet.

Another treatment option is thermal ablation, which uses heat to destroy cancer cells. This procedure can be performed in a specialized center or as part of a clinical trial.

Many people with advanced bowel cancer undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which aims to eliminate any cancer cells that have spread from the original area of the bowel. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment, meaning it reaches all cancer cells within your body and destroys them.

It is also highly effective at treating non-invasive bowel cancer that hasn’t spread to your lungs, liver or pelvis. When given in combination with bevacizumab – a drug which inhibits cancer cell growth and spread – the combination is highly effective.

While undergoing treatment, you may consider other treatments to enhance your quality of life, such as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The goal is to relieve symptoms such as pain or bleeding by shrinking or slowing the growth of the cancer.

Trials are being done to combine chemotherapy and radiation therapy, potentially increasing your odds of survival while decreasing side effects such as fatigue or loss of appetite that come with cancer treatment.

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