Alternative Treatments to Radiation Therapy

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Alternative Treatments to Radiation Therapy

While undergoing cancer treatment, you may want to explore some alternative treatments not included in your doctor’s standard care. These may help alleviate side effects from your treatment and may make you feel more relaxed and stress-free. These could include meditation, acupuncture, yoga or massage therapy.

Combining standard medical treatments and complementary therapies can increase your chances of survival from cancer. This approach, known as integrative medicine, involves the integration of standard treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation with safe and effective complementary practices that have been scientifically proven to work.

Herbal medicine is the most popular complementary treatment for cancer patients. People with cancer often turn to herbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements as part of their cancer treatment plan; these can be taken orally, injected or applied topically on the skin and used for conditions such as pain relief, nausea and fatigue.

Another option is mind-body therapies like meditation, tai chi, yoga and other forms of exercise. Research has indicated these can be an effective way to relax and de-stress the body, according to experts.

Some cancer patients report that acupuncture and other forms of acupressure can provide them with comfort during chemotherapy treatments, as well as massage, art or music therapy to make them feel better both during and after their treatments.

Your doctor should be able to suggest an alternative treatment that is suitable for you. It is essential that the therapist you select is highly qualified and experienced, in order to minimize any potential harm or negative side effects.

If you are receiving radiotherapy, you should take a few pills daily to protect your body from radiation damage. These will contain a low dose of amifostine. Furthermore, applying ointments or creams to your skin may help shield it from radiation damage as well.

Internal beam radiotherapy, also known as internal beam therapy, involves inserting small devices with a sealed radiation source inside them close to or inside your body to emit energy and eradicate cancer cells. You may be given a general anesthesia for this procedure.

The amount of radiation you receive depends on the type and location of your cancer, as well as how well it responds to treatment. Your doctor will decide the dose required and tailor the treatment plan specifically for you.

When receiving radiotherapy, you will lie on a special bed beneath the machine that delivers the radiation. This allows your treatment to be targeted at exactly the right area of your body and requires that you remain still so that only cancer cells are affected and not healthy cells nearby.

Your doctor will devise a treatment plan to minimize radiation exposure while protecting healthy cells. You may receive local anaesthesia before beginning the procedure, which is usually spread out over multiple sessions.

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