Alternatives to Manual Therapy

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Alternatives to Manual Therapy

Your body is composed of interconnected bones, muscles, nerves, fascia and tendons that work together in order to support and move you. If any element in this complex system becomes imbalanced it can cause pain and other issues. Physical therapists employ various treatment techniques to restore normal function and reduce pain; manual therapy being one such example that utilizes hands-on methods for treating various conditions.

When your physical therapist utilizes hands-on therapy, they draw from their extensive knowledge of anatomy and pathology to treat you. This is because they have undergone extensive training in different forms of physical therapy and are capable of performing any technique necessary for healing your body.

Manual therapies encompass myofascial release, massage, stretching, traction and passive range of motion. Each is intended to help relax you physically by relieving tension in certain parts of your body. Furthermore, these techniques may increase flexibility and promote overall better health and wellness by improving overall mobility.

Structural Integration: This manual therapy focuses on the connective tissue in your body and can provide relief from muscle pain, inflammation, and joint dysfunction. It takes a holistic approach to help with muscle pain, inflammation, and joint dysfunction.

Integrative Manual Therapy: This form of manual therapy utilizes techniques from chiropractic manipulation, osteopathic manipulation and massage in an integrative fashion. It’s a specialized form of physical therapy that can provide relief from joint pain, neck discomfort and headaches.

Exercise can be an effective way to reduce soft tissue swelling and inflammation. This is because it stimulates blood flow to the injured area, which in turn helps ease any pain that may have been caused by inflammation.

Your physical therapist usually suggests starting manual therapy as soon as possible. Doing so helps your body heal more quickly, giving you maximum benefit from each treatment session.

The cost of manual therapy will depend on your insurance plan and which therapist you select. Your therapist should provide an estimate before beginning each session.

Alternative therapies that offer some of the same advantages as manual therapy but at lower costs include therapeutic exercises and modalities like cold therapy and ultrasound.

These techniques can reduce pain, increase range of motion and boost strength. Furthermore, they aid in recovering from injury or surgery faster with fewer complications.

Studies have revealed that individuals who combine manual therapy and exercise have greater success at relieving pain and enhancing function than those who only take part in physical therapy or exercise alone.

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