Amber Holistic Therapies

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Amber Holistic Therapies

Amber, often referred to as the Sun’s Energy Stone, is an incredibly powerful healer of mind, body and spirit. It has long been used for depression treatment and stress reduction due to its ability to cleanse away negativity from one’s aura.

Amber can give you the strength and assurance to keep going in life. It will boost your self-esteem, promote patience, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it boosts short term memory and sharpens perception of information from others, including messages buried deep within the subconscious mind.

It can also be an invaluable aid for those struggling to overcome addictions or needing support with suicidal feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, it has the capacity to rewire negative patterns with an empowering frequency that encourages you to lead a healthier, more productive life.

Amber emits a soothing and relaxing energy that has been found to have analgesic properties due to its content of succinic acid, an anti-inflammatory. Additionally, it helps balance and regulate the heart and nervous system as well as ease anxiety or depression.

Amber is known to aid healing by stimulating tissue regeneration and strengthening the immune system. It has been utilized in various massage styles such as Swedish and Thai styles.

Baltic amber has long been believed to be an effective remedy for pain relief due to its high content of succinic acid. This acid has been demonstrated as a potent analgesic, relieving both acute and chronic discomfort alike.

Amber is also believed to be beneficial for stimulating the immune system and increasing energy levels. Furthermore, it has been known to have powerful medicinal properties like lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol.

Amber is an ideal remedy for headaches and teething pain, as it acts as a natural analgesic. Additionally, it can relax tension in the shoulders and back while stimulating circulation.

Amber can also be used to reduce joint pain and stiffness, as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, amber is a fantastic aid for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try wearing amber as it will help to relax you and promote calm. You could also try using amber on your bed or pillow to enhance the quality of your rest.

Amber, a holistic therapist who has been practicing since 1999, takes an integrative approach to her treatments. She incorporates various massage techniques with craniosacral therapy, reflexology and the use of therapeutic essential oils to address each client’s individual needs.

She is passionate about her work and enjoys teaching others how to take a more natural approach to health, using products that are non-toxic. Additionally, she teaches the Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) and has a private practice in Orem, Utah.

Amber holds an ancient and powerful spirituality, having been used for thousands of years. It can be traced back to the dawn of civilization – making it one of the oldest and most valuable stones in existence.

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