Amherst MA Sound Therapy

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Amherst MA Sound Therapy

Amherst ma sound therapy is an interdisciplinary field that can be practiced by sound healing practitioners and musicians. It has the potential to help clients of all ages achieve improved health and wellness, relaxation, and reduced pain through music and sound.

Students with an interest in sound can pursue a degree in this field at University of Massachusetts Amherst. This accredited institution offers 41 majors at the undergraduate level, 11 certificate programs, supervised independent language programs and seminars.

Amherst is a small town that boasts plenty of amenities and attractions. It provides opportunities for people to learn about culture, history and nature while enjoying plenty of recreational activities like hiking or swimming. Amherst also boasts plenty of sporting venues as well.

Apartments in Amherst, MA can be rented on a variety of terms and prices. On average, one-bedroom apartments cost $1,731 while two bedroom units average around $2,026.

The median household income for Amherst is $49,853. Center For Extended Care at Amherst is a 134 room senior housing community situated near many local amenities like houses of worship, retail stores and health care services. With such a high occupancy rate and close proximity to houses of worship, retail stores and health care services, this senior housing community offers easy access.

Sound Therapy Academy is a school that provides sound healing certification to those pursuing a career in sound healing or those already practitioners who wish to incorporate vibrational sound techniques into one-on-one sessions. They offer instruction on various instruments and methods such as tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, voice, drums and other sound healing tools that can be utilized for sound baths, therapy massage yoga or meditation sessions.

Caitlin is a Certified Sound Healer (Level 4) and graduate of the SoundEmbrace Institute, practicing sound healing both in her private practice and various studios around town. Her passion for music and its energy have driven her to pursue this profession as an Energy Healing Practitioner.

She boasts over 250 hours of training and 10 years of experience, as well as being a Reiki Master and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. As such, she creates job opportunities for SoundEmbrace Sound Healing Practitioners in corporate wellness programs, therapy centers, and non profits alike.

Her passion is providing sound baths to help people enter into deep meditation and relaxation, putting both body and mind in their natural healing state. She also incorporates this practice into some yoga classes, as well as offering private bookings for individuals looking for an invigorating escape.

Caitlin is a graduate of the Institute for Sound Healing and Level 4 Sound Healer. She’s also an Amherst-based yoga instructor with a deep passion for sound healing – she teaches sound wellness workshops and is part of the International Sound Therapy Association, dedicated to sharing her expertise to assist others on their journeys.

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