AMTA Music Therapy Internships

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AMTA Music Therapy Internships

An AMTA music therapy internship is a critical step toward obtaining the experience and training necessary to become a certified, board-certified music therapist. These six month full time work experiences involve direct clinical music therapy practice under supervision from an experienced music therapist, giving interns valuable clinical and supervisory skills that can be applied across various settings.

AMTA maintains an extensive and vibrant music therapy community to foster growth and development within the profession. This includes publishing journals, newsletters, podcasts, books and news alerts; job hotlines; referrals; documents; tutorials; data – plus other valuable resources that can assist you in finding suitable employment opportunities, growing your business or developing your practice.

The AMTA National Roster of Internship Programs provides a comprehensive listing of current AMTA-approved clinical training facilities. This list serves as an invaluable resource for prospective interns who need help finding an internship site that best suits their requirements.

An internship is supervised by a certified music therapist in various settings such as child life, pediatric or adult medicine, special education classrooms, nursing care facilities, psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, private practices and home health agencies. The internship strives to achieve AMTA Clinical Competencies and exit level competencies required for certification as a music therapist.

1.1.1 In order to supervise music therapists, they must have at least two years of full time clinical experience or its equivalent in part-time work and have completed at least one five hour CMTE workshop on Music Therapy Intern Supervision or other documented supervision training. Alternatively, the supervising music therapist must be an AMTA professional member and meet all other eligibility requirements set out by the AMTA Board of Directors.

2.1.1 The supervising music therapist must be willing to serve as a role model for the internship program. This may involve observing and/or co-leading music therapy sessions with the intern, conducting weekly clinical seminars, or offering individual consultation on a regular basis.

3.1.1 Music therapists supervising interns must abide by AMTA National Roster Internship Guidelines, internship program personnel requirements, policies and procedures, Standards of Clinical Practice and Code of Ethics. If a violation occurs, the supervising music therapist must report it to the Association Internship Approval Committee Chairperson in accordance with Section F Non-Compliance Procedures.

4.1.1 The supervising music therapist must complete required continuing education and submit an annual report to the Association Internship Approval Chairperson for review and determination of any necessary corrective action.

5.1.1 The supervising music therapist must maintain communication with the Academic Director, Academic Faculty and Internship Director as stipulated in the Internship Agreement. Any changes to staff should be communicated promptly so that the internship program remains approved.

All internship programs listed on the current AMTA National Roster, plus any subsequent addenda filed at AMTA headquarters, have been approved by AMTA. Approvals are contingent upon receiving updated information about the internship program including any staff changes as they occur and submitting an annual report to both the national office and regional representative.

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