Amy Windsor – Nurse Practitioner

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Amy Windsor – Nurse Practitioner

Amy Windsor is a nurse practitioner in Wichita, Kansas and board-certified. She has been practicing since 2012 and you can find her contact information, insurance acceptance policy and office location on Healthgrades.com.

Amy has a longstanding record of community service and volunteer work, particularly with families in crisis. She is an outspoken champion for family law and legal rights for families, having become a voice in many local communities. Amy is passionate about divorce being approached compassionately and understandingly; thus, she founded Cuddles Clothing for Kids – a non-profit charity which collects free children’s clothes to those less fortunate.

She has extensive experience as both a social worker and paralegal, advocating for an integrative approach to family law. Furthermore, she is passionate about education and speaks at various community events.

Her teaching style is exceptional and she genuinely cares about her students. She strives to ensure that each of her pupils comprehends the material and succeeds in their studies, taking a practical yet hands-on approach.

Do not be shy to ask her questions or bring up anything that matters to you. She is patient and will listen attentively as you explain things in a manner that makes sense to you.

She enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family. She loves trying new cuisine and is an avid sports fan; watching her sons play various sports such as football, basketball, baseball, bowling and track.

She has come to appreciate the value of flexibility in her schedule as a mother of 6. She understands that time is valuable and never wastes it by being overly busy.

She strongly believes in the power of hard work, and takes great pride in her ability to manage all household responsibilities. Additionally, she’s an accomplished cook who enjoys baking delicious treats for family and friends.

When she’s not working or spending time with her family, she enjoys being outdoors hiking or running. Additionally, she is very involved in her church and serves on multiple committees.

Her community advocacy and volunteering activities have significantly enhanced the lives of thousands around the country and beyond. She holds numerous professional certifications, is a member of both the American Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association, and is active in the Canadian Society of Family Law as well.

She believes that everyone has the right to feel secure, contented and happy in our own homes. She is dedicated to aiding those in need and works tirelessly to guarantee her clients have access to resources so they can lead full lives.

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