An EMDR Therapist Near Me Can Help You Heal From Trauma

An EMDR Therapist Near Me Can Help You Heal From Trauma

An experienced EMDR therapist near me can use this treatment to help you heal from trauma. This type of therapy has proven successful for treating PTSD, anxiety, depression, phobias and other mental health conditions caused by experiences of trauma.

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment used by thousands of people around the world to heal from difficult feelings and events. This technique utilizes bilateral stimulation (auditory, visual or tactile) that helps your brain process traumatic memories in a more positive and healing manner.

The initial phase of EMDR is history taking and treatment planning, during which you and your therapist get acquainted. You’ll also identify any traumatic events that need to be worked through during sessions.

Next, your therapist will begin to reprocess the traumatic event with you through eye movement. They may use rapid eye movements, tapping or tones that reactivate natural healing responses in the brain.

Your therapist will also ask you about the emotions, thoughts and physical reactions that arise when recalling a traumatic memory. Recording these reactions is essential as it allows your therapist to monitor progress and adjust therapy sessions as necessary.

Your therapist can teach you relaxation and mindfulness strategies to manage distress during sessions. If you feel overwhelmed, they’ll work with you to relax mind and body so that you can return to the present. They may also suggest some self-care techniques like exercise or meditation for overall health and wellbeing.

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