Angela Federico

Angela Federico

Born in Italy’s Liguria region, Angela Federico is an accomplished singer-actress. At 15 years old, her career started with participation on Rai 2’s TV sports program “Domani si Gioca.” Since then she has appeared on a variety of other television programs as well as performing throughout Spain and other European countries.

She has also graced the covers of numerous national magazines, including American Playboy. Her beauty and elegance have garnered much attention from men especially.

She made her film debut in 1996 with Chiavi in Mano, directed by Mariano Laurenti and starring Martufello, Sergio Vastano and Cinzia Roccaforte in which she played Genuflessa. Following the success of this role in film, she continued performing at various concerts both domestically and abroad with great success.

She made her theatrical debut at Teatro Verdi in Florence as the female lead in Vinicio Gioli’s comedic opera “Un bicchiere vuoto,” featuring music composed by Ron and Giorgio Ariani. Additionally, she has appeared on several television programs such as Italy 1’s sport show “Guada al Campionato” and Rai 2’s program of the day “Detto tra noi.”

After her career as an actress, she ventured into music and created her own album entitled “Sex is Movin'”. This debut record reached the top of the European charts with songs written by Bob Dylan, Loredana Berte and Tony Renis.

She has an avid passion for music and loves discovering new, talented artists to represent. Her interests range from Disco to Experimental music, with an eye for artist-centric shows. Additionally, she has worked as both booker and DJ at several live performances.

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