Anxiety Definition – What is Anxiety?

Anxiety Definition – What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mood state that is characterized by feelings of apprehension, tension, or worry. It may also be accompanied by physical changes such as rapid breathing, restlessness, or increased blood pressure.

Feelings of anxiety are often related to situations that are new or unexpected. However, these feelings are not necessarily abnormal. They are natural and part of the fight-or-flight response.

For example, you may be walking alone at night. You might feel anxious about the potential of being hit by a car. This can make you nervous and cause you to look both ways.

People who are suffering from chronic anxiety are often affected by childhood trauma. They may have been exposed to abusive relationships, tumultuous family dynamics, or financial worries.

Symptoms of anxiety can be hard to control. If you find that you are having a lot of anxiety symptoms, it is best to seek professional help. Getting professional help will help you reduce your symptoms and prevent them from interfering with your life.

Sometimes, anxiety can be treated with medication and therapy. However, you might find that the symptoms can be better managed with a holistic approach. These methods involve lifestyle and nutritional changes. Psychotherapy or meditation can also be helpful.

When experiencing anxiety, it is important to honor your feelings for a few minutes. Try to stay calm and breathe deeply. Pay close attention to the part of your body that is triggering your anxiety.

Some symptoms of anxiety are the same as those of a panic attack. These include trembling, sweating, a feeling of imminent danger, and physical tension.

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