Art Therapy Jobs in Rochester, NY

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Art Therapy Jobs in Rochester, NY

Art therapy is a type of counseling that uses creative expression to explore the mind and emotions. It has the potential to be an effective solution for mental health issues like depression or anxiety when combined with traditional talk therapy.

Rochester area schools that offer art therapy degrees include SUNY Farmingdale with an art therapy degree and Notre Dame de Namur University offering one.

For those considering a career in art therapy, an art therapy degree can be an advantageous option. On average, two years after graduating from such programs, graduates can expect to earn approximately $49,000 annually.

However, earnings potential varies significantly based on experience and location. High-paying art therapy jobs can offer up to $89,600 annually.

In Rochester, NY the average art therapy salary is $63,178. Those with the most skills and years of experience can expect to make more money.

With minimal skills and experience, college graduates may earn up to $27,100 upon graduation. While earnings potential varies significantly by position, many entry-level jobs offer lower salaries than the average for this career.

One of the advantages of an art therapy degree is that there are numerous opportunities for advancement and higher salaries in the future. There are various types of art therapists, each with their own special skills that allow them to work efficiently with clients.

Those aspiring to be art therapists must obtain a degree from an accredited school. The more reliable and accredited a school is, the greater its likelihood of having an active job market for graduates.

ZipRecruiter currently lists more than 1,500 Art Therapist job openings in Rochester, NY. Most of these positions pay between $38,500 and $55,200 annually.

A bachelor’s degree in art therapy is necessary to qualify for an art therapist job, though some employers may require a master’s degree for certain positions.

An art therapist may work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, private practices, schools and other medical facilities. Additionally, they have the capacity to work individually or as part of a group setting.

They are qualified to assist patients with a range of illnesses and disorders, such as eating disorders, PTSD, and substance abuse. Furthermore, they work closely with children and adolescents to teach emotional regulation and communication techniques.

At Halligan Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC you can meet with an art therapist in person or via tele-health sessions. This is a great option for those who aren’t local or don’t feel comfortable discussing their problems face-to-face. The practice has been run by art therapist Shannon Halligan since 2002 and offers this convenient service.

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