Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute LLC

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Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute LLC

Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute LLC provides professional counselors who are specially trained in assessing patient mental health and treating cognitive, psychological, and behavioral disorders using a range of therapy techniques. Furthermore, their researchers research into advanced therapy approaches and applications.

BARNES HOLISTIC COUNSELING THERAPIES INSTITUTE LLC is a Florida Limited Liability Company that has been in operation since 2008. They are located at 2510 FIRST AVENUE SOUTH, ST. PETERSBURG, FL and are currently open for business operations.

BHCTI offers counseling services under the auspices and authority of Father’s House International Ministries, a nondenominational, non-secular Christian church. Their Master’s Degree or higher qualified counselors are trained in holistic mental health, holistic clinical social work, and psychology; they are also supported by complementary alternative wellness disciplines from various fields of specialty.

Licensed Counselors who take a holistic approach to their practice must be licensed by their state. To earn this credential, they must attend and graduate from an accredited college(s) with at least a Masters degree in Counseling/Therapy/Social Work, then complete an internship prior to being licensed.

Holistic Counseling is a healing approach which takes into account all physical, emotional and spiritual elements of a client’s issues. It serves as an umbrella term for all therapies intended to aid healing on all levels – helping clients heal holistically.

Spiritual Components: Holistic counselors recognize the role of the human spirit in healing a person’s overall well-being – mind, body and soul. While some denominationally predisposed counselors do not consider this area, more and more are opting to integrate it into their general approach.

Holistic counselors also offer Reiki, energy healing, applied acupuncture and massage therapy as complementary treatment methods. While some have extensive training in these techniques and specialize in their treatment methods, others provide them as adjuncts to their counseling skillset.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Aspects: A holistic counselor often addresses dietary concerns and lifestyle modifications that promote good health, as well as the effects of a client’s lifestyle on mental and physical wellbeing. They may suggest specific nutrients, diets or supplements and offer guidance on how to incorporate them into your life.

Holistic counselors strive to give their client an enhanced sense of well-being by helping them understand and accept physical aspects as part of a greater whole. Furthermore, they will guide clients toward proactive measures that promote health such as quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and engaging in regular exercise regimens.

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