Best Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Apps

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Best Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Apps

If you’re in therapy or looking for an app that will assist with CBT practice and learning, there are plenty of great options to choose from. The best ones are user-friendly and will teach a range of skills to combat anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and more. They also provide support through symptom tracking, reminders and community features so that you stay motivated to reach your objectives.

Mood Toolbox is an intuitive app that offers tools and tips for managing your mood, such as meditations, soothing background music, TED Talks, and more. Additionally, it includes activities and a safety plan – particularly helpful for those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

BetterHelp’s therapists are board-certified in cognitive behavioral therapy and can treat a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. You can sign up for therapy online or via the app; payments will be processed monthly, quarterly or biannually according to your needs. Customers appreciated that there was an array of therapy styles and prices available depending on location and insurance coverage; all at fixed prices that adjust according to individual budgets.

Calm is an user-friendly CBT app that includes a mood tracker, journaling prompts and symptom screener. Plus you can find nearby therapists who are ready to meet with you!

MindDoc is an effective CBT app with numerous useful features. Its mood tracker, journal and symptom screener help you recognize and monitor symptoms while the app’s learning modules are tailored to suit individual needs. MindDoc can assist with a range of mental health conditions from anxiety to postpartum depression to phobias.

You can also use the app to track and assess your progress between sessions, encouraging you to share achievements and set objectives with its supportive community features.

Moodfit is a comprehensive CBT app with over 200+ stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing activities, such as self-reflection exercises and cognitive restructuring techniques. Additionally, it provides educational lessons on topics like negative thoughts, self-talk, and stress management.

Guided journals with interesting and captivating topics such as self-compassion and gratitude can be found here. It’s also a great place to record your thoughts and emotions, analyze them, and even add images or video recordings of yourself for added visual impact.

Sanvello is a mental health platform that offers therapy options, mindfulness practices and self-tracking tools for people with various levels of mental health issues. The app’s Guided Journeys have become particularly popular among users; furthermore, Sanvello accepts various insurance plans.

The app is free to download and offers several packages with access to a therapist. Those needing more assistance can opt for the premium subscription, which provides unlimited access to all features.

Pricing and availability may vary, but the company accepts most major insurance providers. Furthermore, financial aid is offered for clients without coverage or who cannot afford traditional therapy.

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