Beurer Lower Back Pain Relief Belt Utilizing Tens Therapy

Beurer Lower Back Pain Relief Belt Utilizing Tens Therapy

TENS therapy is a non-invasive pain therapy that uses low voltage electrical current. It has become widely prescribed as an effective treatment for both acute and chronic discomfort.

TENS is often recommended for pain treatment when other methods have not worked and can be used on an as-needed basis. Different authors estimate the analgesic effect of TENS differently.

The Beurer lower back pain relief belt with Tens therapy is designed to offer a discreet and comfortable way of administering TENS treatments to your lower back. It’s easy to use, and its integrated reusable skin electrode pads eliminate the hassle of having to replace them.

This device offers 4 programmable applications and 20 intensity levels to effectively treat lower back pain. Furthermore, an extension strap is included so you can adjust your waist size if needed.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a widely-used training and rehabilitation technique for muscles. With EMS, gentle electrical pulses repeatedly contract and relax muscle fibres to mimic natural muscle exercises. This helps prevent muscular atrophy due to inactivity, rehabilitate muscles, tendons and joints while maintaining mobility of the affected areas.

Exercise with magnesium chloride can also be used to strengthen inactive muscle, supplement sports training and prevent the occurrence of numbness or weakness after illness or injury. It’s especially helpful for prepping and warming up the muscles before physical activity, relaxing them after strenuous exercise and taming, shaping and improving muscle definition.

This TENS device is intended for use on your lower back, specifically targeting the lumbar region (lower back). It includes four built-in programs to provide pain relief, muscle strengthening and massage therapy.

The Beurer EM38 is an ergonomically designed, flexible TENS back belt that can be fastened around your waist. It fits waist sizes ranging from 30 to 55 inches and includes both an extension strap and batteries for convenient charging.

Beurer EM38 is a digital electronic muscle stimulator that can be worn on your lower back or abdomen to quickly relieve lower back pain, numbness and stiffness. It comes with four large reusable TENS skin electrode pads which are easily adjusted to fit any waist size comfortably.

Using the Beurer EM38 is a breeze: simply wet its integrated pads, wrap them around your waist size, and adjust accordingly. The belt feels soft and supple to touch with an adjustable Velcro fastening that guarantees perfect fit every time.

After each use, make sure the pads are dry and ready for your next session. You can adjust the intensity level by pressing one of the buttons on the control unit.

The Beurer EM38 offers 4 programs of varying duration and intensity. As you adjust the intensity, you may experience a tingling sensation which could progress to muscle contraction.

TENS devices offer a safe, effective and low-cost alternative to medication for relieving acute and chronic pain. Studies have also demonstrated that TENS can help relieve nerve pain caused by shingles as well as manage sciatica-type nerve pain in those living with chronic illnesses like diabetes or arthritis.

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