Biofreeze Pain Relief

Biofreeze Pain Relief

Biofreeze pain relief is a safe and reliable solution for pain management. It can be used in conjunction with chiropractic care or physical therapy, providing instant soreness relief before or after activity.

Bio freeze is a topical analgesic gel containing menthol that blocks pain signals from your body’s nerve receptors. Additionally, it reduces swelling and irritation on contact with skin, relieving discomfort and aiding with inflammation.

Biofreeze’s pain relieving formula has been designed to deliver an ideal concentration of menthol for fast acting, targeted discomfort.

Menthol works to stimulate your skin’s cold receptors, creating a chilling sensation that blocks pain signals from entering your body. This method of pain relief, known as the “Gate Control Theory,” can be employed to break the cycle of persistent discomfort.

Pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists consistently recommend it as the #1 topical pain reliever on the market.

Biofreeze has been scientifically proven to reduce pain by nearly two times more than ice. Furthermore, you’re less likely to experience stiffness or skin irritation with biofreeze instead of ice.

A study by Robert Topp, PhD, RN of the University of Louisville, examined the effects of applying Biofreeze to the forearm compared to using ice. In both groups, blood flow decreased faster in the Biofreeze group than the ice group after 20 minutes had passed after application; furthermore, muscle function was greater in the Biofreeze group than in the ice one.

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