Recent Blog Posts for Various Topics


You can read the latest sound therapy blog posts below about various general or introductory topics. The articles only cover one or two topics, and are like brief enncyclopedia articles. The Results page has better general summaries of what our sounds can help, and the summaries are from research in the Research page. If you are looking for clinical or medical research articles, please go to the Research Page. If you would like a brief summary of how the sounds on this site help major concerns with summaries from the research, please go to the Results page.

The short blog articles below are listed in the date they were published. The titles and topics are actually things people have entered into search engines hundreds of times. These are articles for topics and questions that haven’t been summarized in an accurate and concise way. The articles are created by an A.I. software that summarizes topics from reliable sources like Wikipedia using the latest A.I. Sometimes the sentence structure is unusual, but the information is consistently accurate and faster than talking with a person. It is like a talking encyclopedia. The software reads from large amounts of the internet (including Wikipedia), and trusts sites that are more trusted,

Thanks, Peter Meilahn, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor | Teacher to Staff at The University of Minnesota Medical Center and Elsewhere