Can i heal myself with sound?

Sound therapy is a relatively new healing method that uses the vibrations of the human voice to go beyond relaxation and promote healing. We recently asked Belgian singer and sound therapist Patricia PE Janssen, founder of Constig, about her practice. You could also make sounds with the intention of projecting a vibration of love or peace across the entire planet. Sound therapy allows you to solve all internal emotional problems by observing your inner self.

Patricia soon discovered that these classes not only relaxed vocal but also physical tensions among her students.

What is voice healing?

Enjoy the soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, chimes, guitar, and more as you experiment with simple vocal and buzzing exercises. Sound healers (often called “sound generators”) say that it lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, and lowers respiratory rate. While there are numerous studies on the benefits of music and meditation for well-being, only a few large-scale clinical trials have focused on sound healing in particular. And if you’ve ever been to a kundalini yoga class, then you’ve already tried it (chanting is a form of sound healing).

Sure, some sounds are soothing (like ocean waves or wind chimes), while others are downright harrowing (like a traffic jam or your neighbor’s new violin hobby).

Can I heal myself with sounds?

To help patients access these quieter conditions, my first choice is always music by Jonathan Goldman, a leading sound healer and expert in the field of harmony. For example, if you have a problem with your eyes and you know the sound that relates to the eyes, you can activate the healing process for that area by chanting that sound (soft or loud) and directing the vibration to the area around the eyes. Sound healing can even trigger a theta state that is one step above and below alpha, that slow brain state that you get when you drift off to sleep or when you sink into free-floating daydreams. The benefits of Tibetan ophthalmology include better sleep, greater concentration and attention span, mental and physical relaxation, relief from chronic pain, and greater overall peace of mind.

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