Can i take anything to help me sleep while pregnant?

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First off, your growing belly can make sleeping positions uncomfortable. Regular exercise was particularly helpful in treating third-trimester pregnancy sleep disorders. A review found that pregnant people who took part in a massage and relaxation program reported fewer sleep disorders. Your body produces melatonin to control your circadian rhythm, which acts as your internal clock.

Talk to your doctor about which methods you should try. Adding 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath water can help you sleep better.

Can I take anything to help me sleep during pregnancy?

If you’re interested in taking melatonin, you should talk to your doctor for medical advice on whether it’s a good idea and what amount of melatonin you can safely take. While these pregnancy-safe medications and supplements aren’t specifically for sleep disorders, they can help you rest better. It is well known that some prescription sleep aids are unsafe for pregnancy, and for others, the data is inconclusive. Marchand says Unisom Sleep Tabs (Doxylamine) are another antihistamine that is safe to take during pregnancy.

Unisom also offers other herbal and medicinal sleep aids that contain ingredients such as diphenhydramine or melatonin, which may be safe for use during pregnancy.

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