Can reflexology help with insomnia?

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For example, deep pressure, as used in reflexology, is said to activate positive changes in brainwave activity. Here are some additional tips to promote a healthy sleep pattern and support your reflexology routine. Another pressure point near your hands that can help alleviate sleep disorders is called the inner border gate. Reflexologists use this pressure point to treat pelvic problems, urinary problems, and menstrual pain and cramps.

Acupressure is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that can help alleviate some symptoms of health problems, including sleep disorders. Research suggests that stimulating the KD3 point, which is also known as taixi, can help alleviate sleep disorders.

Where is the pressure point for sleep disorders?

Acupressure claims that the reasons for sleep disorders due to the apparent lack of physical causes are spiritual and emotional in nature and can therefore be treated more effectively through acupressure than by western medicines. This pressure point for sleep is on the inner wrist, not far from where you would measure your pulse. It is easy to integrate into your bedtime routine. These points are usually where your hairline ends, just below where your neck meets the curve of your skull. Practitioners of acupressure and acupuncture believe that the Spirit Gate Pressure Point not only helps with sleep disorders but also anxiety, depression, and heart disease.

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