Can you heal with sound?

Although the concept of sound healing is only just beginning to gain scientific credibility, at least as far as some aspects of the effects of sound and frequency on the human body and mind are concerned, the concept of sound healing has been around for generations of human society. Sound frequencies have a healing effect by stimulating the body’s cells and tissues. The miracle frequency or miracle sound is a unique sound that has been said to have many healing and spiritual benefits. These tones contain the frequency needed to balance your energy and heal you.

Which energy frequency heals?

Since ancient times, the Solfeggio frequencies have been associated with the creation of church music (including meditation music), which is believed to promote healing. This frequency purifies the sense of guilt, which is often one of the fundamental obstacles to attainment. Using these frequencies in your meditation practice can have a number of benefits, including reducing them. When these sacred notes were sung harmoniously, the monks thought they would bring special blessings to those who listened to the music.

Solfeggio frequencies played a much larger role in musical development until the 16th century, when humanity used the twelve-tone tuning method to tune musical instruments.

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