Can you sleep all night on a shakti mat?

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Sleep log data showed that the acupressure group significantly reduced waking time and improved sleep quality more over time than the control group. The researchers closely examined the sleep quality of 120 menopausal women and instructed them to perform acupressure themselves two hours before bed. Acupressure can be used as a complementary treatment to alleviate sleep disorders in menopausal women and is offered as an efficient way to improve sleep quality. There is research that shows that acupressure can improve your sleep.

From traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupressure is a technique that releases blocked chi (qi), i.e. energy, throughout the body.

Can you sleep on a Shakti mat all night

All Shakti women receive a living wage, work in a relaxed manner, receive daily meals, receive free medical care, an emergency medical fund for themselves and their families, and paid illness and vacation expenses. Since I’m a journalist and spend much of my day hunched over a laptop, I’d say the mat has also helped relax my often tight neck and shoulders, which in turn has helped improve my sleep, I think. Standing on the Shakti mat is a great way to relieve tired feet, release tension from work, and wake up your body. Before I got my hands on one, I had come across many articles and posts about the various benefits that using a Shakti mat could have.

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