Centerstone Community Mental Health

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Centerstone Community Mental Health

Centerstone is a top mental health organization, offering comprehensive, responsive services to individuals and families. As an industry leader in this field, they are dedicated to aiding people in recovery and rebuilding their lives. Furthermore, Centerstone strives to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness by offering culturally sensitive care as well as conducting research collaboratively with some of America’s top universities.

Centerstone offers a range of programs to assist teens in Franklin, Jackson, Madison and Perry Counties address their difficulties. These services are available to youth ages 12-18 and include counseling, social skills development, family support services and more – all available at no cost!

In individual counseling, you’ll meet one-on-one with a counselor who will listen carefully to your needs and offer the most tailored assistance. It is an invaluable opportunity to gain perspective, acquire new tools, and work towards reaching your objectives.

This type of therapy may be suitable for teens or adults seeking to overcome specific issues like depression, anxiety or addiction. Furthermore, it could provide a beneficial option for people dealing with trauma and other emotional problems which may not respond well to traditional counseling approaches.

A substance use disorder is an issue related to alcohol or drugs that can have devastating consequences in your life. At Centerstone, our experts are ready to help you receive the treatment necessary for recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.

Our Substance Use Treatment Programs in Davidson County, Tennessee and Franklin, Jackson, Madison and Perry Counties, Tennessee provide outpatient and residential treatments. These programs can help you develop the coping skills necessary to manage substance use disorders so you can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Centerstone provides behavioral healthcare to children, adolescents and adults at four major centers as well as an alcohol rehabilitation facility. Each year they serve over 14,000 patients at these locations.

Lauren Conaboy is Vice President of National Policy at Centerstone and oversees the company’s national policy initiatives. A former therapist, she has extensive experience working in public policy over two decades.

Centerstone Research Institute is a national nonprofit that conducts behavioral health research and clinical trials with the purpose of discovering better treatments for mental illness and improving quality of life for those affected by these conditions. They are proud partners of The Ayers Foundation, who generously provide essential funding for their initiatives.

CRI’s Knowledge Network is a national partnership of academic researchers, mental health providers and industry leaders that work together to identify and address common challenges within the field. Thanks to this collaboration with The Ayers Foundation, there has been an increase in treatment options and improved outcomes for individuals living with behavioral health disorders.

Centerstone community mental health outreach services aim to raise awareness of available resources in the community, provide education on mental health issues and make referrals when needed. This includes providing information to individuals, families, educators and others who may require it.

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