Cognitive Enhancement Therapy Online

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Cognitive Enhancement Therapy Online

Cognitive enhancement therapy (CET) is an evidence-based solution for mental health and developmental issues. This treatment consists of scientifically designed exercises that build brain capacity while encouraging long-lasting behavioral modifications.

CET can improve cognition in clients with a variety of conditions, such as ADHD and mood disorders. It also assists in relieving stress from chronic illnesses like asthma or diabetes.

This program offers a tailored, performance-based rehabilitation solution that’s available both online and via app.

CET was initially developed for schizophrenia, but has proven beneficial across a range of mental health diagnoses. It relies on learning theory principles and incorporates repeated and increasingly challenging skill-based exercises that heighten awareness of intellectual difficulties while building confidence in thinking skills.

Brain games use specific areas of cognition, like attention and memory. These exercises improve concentration while encouraging self-regulation – which may help manage anxiety or depression symptoms.

Research has demonstrated that cognitive function is more effective than medication when treating psychiatric illness, as it promotes cognitive functioning. It can be used to address a range of mental health and developmental issues such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism.

This cognitive training intervention is an integral component of the recovery-phase cognitive rehabilitation program for adults with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder who remain struggling socially and professionally. It emphasizes collaborative goal setting, building confidence in using mental strategies and skills, and planning a lifestyle that minimizes avoidance of cognitively challenging situations.

The cognitive training program includes computer-based cognitive remediation exercises in attention, memory, and problem-solving skills as well as small group social cognition training in perspective taking, context appraisal, and emotion perception and management. It is highly customized and designed to engage clients with high degrees of involvement and engagement.

In a single-blind trial, verbal adult outpatients with autism spectrum disorders were randomly assigned to either receive comprehensive cognitive remediation that integrates computer-based exercises in attention, memories and problem-solving with group-based social cognitive training in perspective-taking, context appraisal and emotion perception and management; or an active enriched supportive therapy (EST) comparison focused on psychoeducation and condition management. At the end of 18 months participants were evaluated for changes in composite indexes of neurocognitive and social-cognitive change.

This study demonstrates that a comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation approach is an effective and secure treatment for adults with autism spectrum disorders. Additionally, this intervention could potentially benefit other cognitively impaired individuals who struggle with social interactions.

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