Cold Stone Therapy For Migraines

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Cold Stone Therapy For Migraines

Cold stone therapy for migraines is a preventative treatment, designed to stop your migraine before it takes its toll. Additionally, it addresses the vascular component of migraines by decreasing excess blood flow to the head and brain and relieving pain.

This treatment involves placing cooled marble stones over specific areas of the face and neck to shrink engorged blood vessels and inflammation. It’s often combined with aromatherapy and massage techniques.

Studies have demonstrated that migraine treatment has been effective at relieving pain and pressure associated with them. It can be utilized as a stand-in for regular massage sessions or added onto them for even greater benefit.

Children and infants can safely use this product, provided their skin isn’t sensitive. They should be closely supervised and placed on their back for protection.

There are many ways to relieve headaches and migraines, including medications and alternative therapies. A massage therapist can assist you in exploring these options so that you find what works best for your individual needs.

Massage therapy and cold stone therapy are two natural, holistic treatments that can help alleviate migraine symptoms and ease pain. These methods work by relieving trigger points on the body and activating its own healing mechanism.

Hot stone massage, for instance, helps relax tense muscles and relieve stress by using smooth, flat heated stones placed on specific parts of the body. Studies have demonstrated that this type of therapy may reduce pain and promote sleep after a treatment session–especially when combined with cold stone application at the end.

Cold stone therapy for migraines consists of placing cooled, lightweight stones along your face and neck during a massage. These treatments target key migraine sites while infusing essential oils that target triggering factors.

These essential oils may contain a combination of herbs, minerals and essential oils that can soothe the nervous system and help your body relax and de-stress. They may even be infused with essential oils that soothe certain symptoms associated with migraines such as nausea or fatigue.

This treatment utilizes aromatherapy and massage to release triggering points in the neck and head, as well as using cold marble stones placed over key migraine sites for instant, lasting relief from migraine pain and swelling.

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, it’s wise to set up regular appointments with your massage therapist so she can address your individual needs. She can also identify any triggers contributing to the headaches and devise a strategy for avoiding them in the future.

To begin a treatment for migraines, the client should be seated in a comfortable position and the therapist will massage their head and neck with an aromatic blend of essential oils that addresses four major triggers of migraines. These blends are created using a very gentle carrier oil and designed to be subtle yet strong enough to relax both mind and body.

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