Cranio Somatic Therapy

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Cranio Somatic Therapy

Cranio somatic therapy (also referred to as craniosacral therapy) is a gentle hands-on healing approach that releases tension patterns and deep restrictions in the body. It can provide relief from pain, stress, emotional blockages, illness and trauma.

This healing modality is founded on the idea that your entire body, from bones to muscles and joints, are interconnected through your spine. It uses a range of gentle cranial techniques to promote changes in these structures’ movement so that everything is aligned and functioning optimally.

The craniosacral system, which extends from the head to the tailbone area, is composed of three primary tissues: skeletal (the skull and spine), fascia (the surrounding membrane) and cerebral spinal fluid (which bathes the brain). A skilled practitioner can manipulate these bones, fascia and CSF in a safe way that gradually helps your body shift into more balanced alignment.

Craniosacral Therapists are specially trained to feel the fluid flow within and around your central nervous system through touch and observation. With gentle pressure they can identify any tension patterns or imbalances affecting your health and wellbeing.

Craniosacral therapy does not involve surgery or drugs, but some mild discomfort may be experienced during treatment. Most people report feeling calm and relaxed after their session.

CST has also been touted as a successful treatment for alleviating migraine and fibromyalgia symptoms. A 2012 study discovered that CST significantly reduced migraine severity among those suffering from chronic headaches.

Cranio somatic therapy can increase mobility and range of motion in your body’s musculoskeletal system, particularly for people who experience joint or muscle problems. The therapy’s aim is to help you return to an active, healthy life by improving how your body moves and functions.

Somatoemotional Release, or SER for short, is the process of releasing physical and emotional energies that were created when something in your life caused distress. Trauma such as death, accident, medical crisis or divorce can trigger emotions which become trapped in tissue. A therapist can locate these energetic areas of the body and assist them in releasing whatever emotion was present at the time of impact; thus allowing for the release of trauma and pain associated with that experience.

When your body holds on to memories and experiences at the cellular level, they can interfere with normal bodily functioning and make managing life’s stresses more challenging. A therapist can help you uncover and release these stored feelings by applying gentle pressure in order to induce relaxation, unwinding and integration within the tissue.

CST not only relieves the body of residual trauma, but it’s also used for somatic emotional processing – helping you resolve emotional conflicts and challenges that have been holding you back from living a happier, more fulfilled life. This therapy works on the principle that when mind and body are at odds, you’ll be less capable of reaching your objectives or solving problems.

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