Craniosacral Therapy for Neck Pain

Craniosacral Therapy for Neck Pain

Craniosacral therapy is an accessible, gentle form of bodywork that can be used to address many conditions. It helps relieve pain and stress, improve sleep quality, boost energy levels, and promote overall health and well-being.

CST treats the body by targeting both brain and spinal cord, as well as any fluid surrounding these structures. Every individual has a distinct craniosacral rhythm, which a trained therapist can detect changes in when performing their work.

When the brain and spinal cord are damaged, the nervous system cannot function optimally. This can occur as a result of physical trauma such as whiplash, as well as emotional or spiritual trauma.

The central nervous system is responsible for all bodily functions, from movement to thought and emotion. It also regulates endocrine, immune, and digestive systems.

Your body is constantly adapting to its environment, but it can only handle so much tension before becoming tight and causing issues. In many cases, these tensions are due to misaligned vertebrae in your spine which causes compression on spinal nerves controlling muscles and organs in areas such as the neck, head, and shoulders.

Nerves in your neck send signals to muscles in your arms, hands, and fingers; these messages may manifest as muscle tension, numbness, tingling or weakness in the area.

Furthermore, the vagus nerve runs down either side of your neck and supplies the digestive system with energy. Trauma to this nerve can result in digestive disturbances like bloating or abdominal discomfort.

No matter the cause, the neck is often a site for discomfort and chronic issues like headaches, TMJ syndrome, and migraines. This is likely because it is one of the primary places in the body where people store stress and toxins.

If you have a history of chronic neck pain and wish to avoid medications, finding a chiropractor or practitioner who specializes in craniosacral therapy is essential. They can help restore your body’s natural alignment and balance.

They will work to release tissue restrictions that could be causing your neck pain. These restrictions can be caused by injuries, improper posture, and aging.

A craniosacral therapist can identify the areas of your body where restrictions are present, then use their hands to work on them. This will release any tissues causing pain and restore proper nerve function.

Your body can only take so much stress before it starts to tighten and affect the brain and spinal cord. By eliminating these restrictions, your entire system can be rejuvenated, eliminating symptoms for good.

To determine if craniosacral therapy is right for you, book an appointment with a practitioner. They can assist in making the decision that this therapy is suitable for both you and your family.

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