You Can Choose a Custom Sound Mix for You:


Below is a set of sounds that you can choose from. They are a mix of the Focus sound and the Relaxation sound. These sounds help with memory, anxiety, pain, tinnitus, learning and memory, and more.

When they sounds are mixed they they work gradually on several things at once. Mixing them also increases creativity and performance while also healing stress. The only things in our instruction guide that the sound mix isn’t for are bedtime for people with insomnia, pain, or people with seizures. If you have seizures or want to improve insomnia or pain, please listen to the sounds from the guide in step one. You can use the sound mix below with the sounds in the sound guide for pain, insomnia, or seizures.

The choices below are a mx of focus and relaxation, and it helps to read the below:

  • Increasing focus increases planning while lowering constant worry.
  • Increasing relaxation increases flexibility while lowering sensitivity to triggers or panic.


Click on a button below in the scale to choose how much of each you think you have needed today and yesterday:

Relaxing    |        Focus

O  O  O  O  O  O


Click on a button below in the scale to choose what you want to be easier based on today and yesterday:

  Falling       |       Waking

       Asleep       |         Up           

O  O  O  O  O  O