DBT Therapy Sacramento

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DBT Therapy Sacramento

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based psychotherapy for various mental health disorders. It was initially developed by Marsha Linehan to assist those suffering from borderline personality disorder, but has since been found to be successful in treating many conditions such as suicidal thoughts and behaviors, addictions, anger issues, rage issues, depression issues, eating disorders issues and trauma.

DBT therapy in Sacramento is an evidence-based form of talk therapy that equips patients with new skills and strategies for dealing with life’s ups and downs. It incorporates mindfulness techniques to teach clients how to regulate their emotions, reduce distress tolerance, increase interpersonal effectiveness and resolve issues.

To begin DBT therapy, the initial step is finding a therapist with sufficient experience and training. Generally, they will have completed an accredited DBT training program as well as attended regular consultation group meetings to guarantee they are providing clients with the highest quality care.

Individual DBT sessions with a therapist will assist you in discovering what makes life worth living and using these to guide your daily decisions. This could include developing positive relationships, mastering difficult emotions, or finding an enjoyable hobby.

Once your therapy sessions have concluded, you can work to develop your coping skills by practicing them in real life scenarios. This may involve completing assignments with them or calling them for advice if something is causing you distress when dealing with something.

Your therapist will also collaborate with you to identify and leverage your strengths, providing you with encouragement to keep striving for more. Doing so can increase the quality of life overall and give you a sense of worth living.

DBT is a long-term treatment that requires regular weekly sessions with your therapist. During these sessions, they will address any urgent needs you may have such as depression, suicidal thoughts, work/family difficulties or anything else that needs support.

The therapist can also assist in creating goals for the future and setting milestones to reach along the way. Doing this will keep you motivated and focused on reaching those objectives even when things get challenging.

In this stage, your therapist will work to teach you new behaviors that will reduce or eliminate negative emotional and behavioral patterns. This could include changing negative thoughts, taking responsibility for one’s actions, recognizing stressors that cause negative feelings and expressing those emotions without resorting to harmful or self-destructive methods.

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