DBT Therapy Treatment Yakima Wa

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DBT Therapy Treatment Yakima Wa

DBT therapy treatment Yakima wa is an effective, science-backed way to learn how to regulate your emotions and live a life worth living. It has proven particularly helpful for individuals suffering from borderline personality disorder – a disorder where mental health symptoms make it difficult to manage relationships, work, and other aspects of daily life.

DBT also assists those with a history of addiction, depression, and other conditions to find recovery from their conditions and lead happier, healthier lives. The skills taught in DBT can reduce impulsivity, self-harm, cravings while providing healthy coping strategies to keep sobriety motivating.

At Clearview Therapy Center, in addition to individual therapy sessions and group meetings, therapists offer DBT phone coaching as a supplement for treatment if you require support with relapse prevention or other life challenges. DBT is an evidence-based treatment that has been demonstrated effective at treating various disorders such as drug abuse and dual diagnosis.

Licensed DBT therapists are specially trained in providing this form of therapy. Usually, they possess a bachelor’s degree and have been certified by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification. When selecting an experienced therapist for DBT therapy, make sure they possess extensive knowledge and skill at implementing it effectively.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy developed specifically to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD). Since its inception in the late 1980s, research has demonstrated that DBT is more successful than other forms of therapy for treating patients with BPD.

DBT was initially developed to treat female patients with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, but is now used by a range of people struggling with mental health issues, including those suffering from substance use disorders. It aims to teach individuals how to envision, articulate, pursue, and sustain goals that are not based on past behaviors such as drug abuse or suicide attempts.

Therapy emphasizes forming a close bond with your therapist, who will serve as your main resource throughout treatment. This connection can make the therapy process less intimidating and more comfortable for you both.

Once a week, you will meet with your therapist for approximately 2.5 hours. In these sessions, you will gain knowledge about DBT skills, practice them with other peers in the group setting, and complete homework assignments to help integrate them into daily life.

Combining DBT with methadone maintenance or other forms of substance abuse treatment has been found to be highly effective at decreasing substance use and withdrawal symptoms, improving moods and motivation for recovery. It may even be used to address comorbid mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Though DBT has shown great promise in treating a variety of mental health conditions, some people find it challenging to engage with due to its demands. Therefore, finding an experienced therapist who understands DBT and your individual needs and objectives is key for successful implementation of the therapy.

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