The Sound for Memory, Mental Flow, or Dementia & Alzheimer’s Treatment

How the Sound Can Benefit You:

  • The sound rhythm below matches the brain rhythm people have when they are in a state of good “mental flow”. It is the same brain rhythm that increases when people are thinking more globally, and are more objective, grateful, and compassionate.
  • You can listen to the sound below this for up to an hour a day. It helps performance, and is also the brain rhythm we make more of when we feel calm concentration and compassion.
  • Recent research has shown that when mice with Alzheimer’s were listening to the sound rhythm below for an hour a day, it helped remove 37% of plaque that blocked key memory areas in mice with Alzheimer’s in a week. It improved their memory over 15%. The memory blocking plaque returned when they stopped using it. Research with people has shown that this rhythm significantly improves memory too, and new research is being done on using this rhythm for dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment in people. This sound therapy has been proven that it affects human brains like it affects mice brains.

How to Use:

  • You can listen to it while working, reading, relaxing, or as a background sound to other things. Listening to it by itself will have more of an effect.
  • It helps to try and learn the rhythm like you learn a music rhythm, so you can remember how to make it on your own later without listening.
  • If you listen for 30 days in a row, please take a 5 day break to see how it is effecting you.
  • You can also take it while taking a memory test to see how it affects you after you have used it for more than 14 times. The effects will stay with you.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Please use headphones when you are listening with other people, unless they want or need to practice the same rhythms.
  • Please only listen if it feels helpful and if the sound description fits your needs. When you listen, you agree to site rules, and that you are responsible for the effects of how much you listen.
  • Please use headphones when you are listening with other people, unless they want or need to practice the same rhythms.
  • The sound helps increase calm concentration and memory by reminding us of the brain rhythms inside of ourselves that are for calm concentration and memory. Because concentration wakes us up, please only listen to it within 6 hours of the usual time you wake up.
  • If you have a history of seizures, please listen to the focus sound instead. The focus sound is safe for people with seizures, and increases a brain rhythm that lowers the frequency of seizures when people increase that brain rhythm (this is proven in medical research).