Use the Power of Sound Therapy to Improve Memory 11-29%, Reduce Anxiety 86%, Pain 77%, Tinnitus 78% (all averages), and Help Other things.

Do you want to lower insomnia, anxiety, pain, improve memory, mood, or tinnitus, and balance hormone changes from aging or menopause? We offer a sound therapy process that is easy to use with background sounds, and is proven to balance brain rhythms in research.


Science Behind Our Sound Therapy:

  • Sleep Help and Insomnia: People fall asleep an average of 68% faster when using our sound that reminds the brain of relaxed attention.
  • Menopause: The sound therapy process on this site is proven to balance hormones, and makes menopause and hormone changes that women and men have as they age easier.
  • Anxiety & Depression: Our sound therapy is proven to lower anxiety by 86% more than silence and 58% more than music while also boosting mood. Changing certain brain rhythms with sound rhythms is proven to increase chemicals for positive moods, like serotonin and dopamine in healthy ways without medication.
  • Chronic Pain and Migraines: Listen to sounds that are proven in research to lower pain an average of 77% for people with chronic pain. This is a much healthier way to lower pain than with damaging and addictive medication.
  • Memory & Focus: Our sound therapy process is proven to increase short-term memory by 11% in just a month (on average for adults), and sometimes as much as 29% in people with significant memory or attention struggles. The average professional with frequent memory and anxiety struggles looses an average of $21,000 per year in income or productivity at work. We correct that with a process that can be used at work.
  • Metabolism and Weight Management or Weight Loss: When people increase steady attention with sound training for brain rhythms, it increases serotonin (the chemical associated with positive moods and attention) and metabolism. It produces healthier brain chemistry with changes in brain patterns without medication. And the increase in serotonin burns more stored energy, while giving users more energy and better moods, with less depression. These results are established in research.
  • Tinnitus: The sounds have been shown in research to lower ringing in the ears by more than 78% on average (including after you turn the sounds off). The sound therapy helps the brain let go of the automatic ringing from Tinnitus by relaxing brain based reactions that have become automatic (leading to Tinnitus).
  • Aging, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s: New research shows improved memory and plaque reduction linked to aging, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We all build up memory-blocking plaque in our brains as we age, and as we age more and more people qualify as having some form of dementia. To live longer, we need to clear this plaque away. Sounds on our platform helped remove 37% of memory-blocking plaque brains of mice with dementia in weeks, and this increased their memory by more than 25%. They needed to keep using it to keep the benefits. There are similar results for people in new research. The memory-blocking plaque buildup that leads to memory loss starts building up in our brains in our 40s and 50s.
  • Click here if you want to explore more research in the research page.

Why Choose SoundTherapy.com?

  1. Used by Professionals: Our process has been used by staff from The Mayo Clinic, Hazelden, NASA, and The University of Minnesota Medical Center.
  2. Immediate Benefits: Results start immediately, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, pain, and tinnitus while enhancing memory.
  3. User-Friendly: Access our platform on smartphones, tablets, or computers. Cancel anytime if it’s not for you. We offer easy guidance for creating the best sound mix for your needs.
  4. Share the Benefits: Free account sharing with family, friends, co-w0rkers, and people you help through your work.
  5. Track Your Progress: Members can use a free memory and attention test used in hospitals and track their score changes.
  6. Professionally Developed: Developed by a clinical instructor at The University of Minnesota Medical Center.
  7. Helps with Work: The average amount of lost productivity and work for people struggling with diagnosable anxiety is over $21,000 per year, and higher for people with higher incomed (the research is here). We help users and people they share this not fall behind or loose productivity immediately with tools they can use at work, while they work.

Testimonials and Success Stories:

“One night using before sleep and I slept longer in one stretch than I have in years.” –  Frances, North Carolina

She went from sleeping 4-5 hours a night to 8 hours a night within a week – after 7-8 years of sleeping like that. I am going to send you more clients.“  – Elizabeth Shanklin, MSW, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Minnesota

It really works. I can listen to the one I need, and it takes my pain away.– Lisa, Minnesota ( A mother who lives with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.)

It is the only thing that works. My migraines have gone from 3-5 per month to zero.– Rosiland, Mmnesota (A thriving business owner who was living with chronic pain after a car accident.)

It does what it says it does, it took my pain away.– Thomas, Minnesota 

“My memory has improved. I feel more focus, and calm.“ – Aaron, Minnesota (Former, retired college and high school hockey coach).

“I can focus more easily. It helps me stay on task, and block out distractions.” Mathew, Minnesota (Professional Software Developer with high anxiety from trauma).

“My memory is better, and I get more done.” Katie, Minnesota (Massage therapist, recovering from a traumatic brain injury).

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