Distance Education Music Therapy

Distance Education Music Therapy

Distance education music therapy is a rapidly expanding field of study that gives students the chance to earn their degree and certification from an established university without dedicating full-time. This option can be especially advantageous for those unable to attend traditional campus-based programs due to busy lives that make regular attendance difficult.

Online music therapy courses range from Bachelor’s to Doctoral degrees. These programs provide training and skills that meet the standards set forth by the American Music Therapy Association.

A master’s degree is the most comprehensive qualification available in this field and necessary for any aspirant music therapist. It includes classes such as History of Music Therapy and Composition for Music Therapists, along with a thesis and practicum project.

This degree program is 100% online through Colorado State University, boasting a Global Campus where students can select a concentration and tailor their coursework to suit individual needs.

Graduates of the master’s degree program can practice as board-certified music therapists and work in a variety of settings. Furthermore, they have the option to pursue further education and training in other aspects of music therapy to further develop their professional expertise.

A recent survey of music therapists around the world revealed that many who were affected by COVID-19 had adopted new technology to conduct music therapy sessions. This included virtual instruments and specialized software, though there was a noticeable regional difference in how these tools were utilized. For instance, many respondents from North America and Asia/Oceania reported adopting these new tools recently for online MT while less than half from Europe did so.

No matter their level of familiarity with technology, respondents from all regions were generally positive about its potential use in medical transcription. Not surprisingly, those from Asia/Oceania and North America showed the greatest enthusiasm for receiving further training to be better equipped to leverage future advances with this medium.

Distance education and e-learning have become increasingly popular ways to deliver university degrees in Australia. This article examines how a music therapy program has managed the challenges of blended learning, which involves combining face-to-face intensives with digital content.

Numerous universities provide distance education music therapy courses. However, some of the most sought-after are located in America and boast top rankings and accreditation levels.

Colleges with a longstanding tradition in music therapy are more likely to offer online courses. This trend is particularly prevalent at more prestigious institutions.

Seton Hill University’s online certificate in music therapy is tailored to post-baccalaureate students who aspire to become trained and board certified music therapists. It includes all of the coursework needed to meet entry-level certification requirements from the American Music Therapy Association, as well as a six-month supervised internship.

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