Do binaural beats heal the body?


Which brain waves are used for healing?

Adults and students of a new foreign language can benefit greatly from shifting their brain waves to the theta area. Theta brainwaves enable people to learn large amounts of information in a much faster time than in the beta brainwave state. Theta brain waves are most common during sleep, deep meditation, self-hypnosis, and in young children. Because of the deep relaxation that theta brain waves enable, the body and mind can recover easily during and after an illness, as well as after mental burnout and physical exertion.

When theta brain waves dominate, the body and mind are in deep relaxation, resulting in more growth, healing, and rejuvenation.

Which binaural frequency beats help with healing?

Binaural beats are said to trigger the same mental state as a meditation practice, but much faster. We find this very effective because it means that the composition (the whole song) is working towards the same goal. The theory is that binaural beats can help create the frequency your brain needs to produce the same waves that normally occur during a meditation practice. While most studies on the effects of binaural beats were minor, there are several that prove that this auditory illusion actually has health benefits, particularly in terms of anxiety, mood, and performance.

When you hear a sound at a specific frequency, your brain waves sync to that frequency.

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